Protect Your Interests Through Proactivity - Questions For A Family Law Attorney

Posted on: 10 May 2017

No one enters into a marriage expecting it to end, so when you find yourself coming to a point where you need the involvement of a family law attorney, the process can seem overwhelming. The first step in relieving that stress and proceeding through a difficult divorce is making sure you're properly informed and taking proactive steps to secure your interests.

The best information comes through thorough questioning. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your family law attorney in order to guarantee that you're not caught off guard, and to allow yourself to be as informed as possible about the difficult process ahead.

Ask About Direct Negotiations

Not all marriages break down in hostile or angry ways. In some cases, you might maintain a positive relationship with your ex that can allow for a large portion of the divorce to be handled without involving too many billable attorney hours.

While some of these direct negotiations can be fruitful and a great way to cut back on costs, you need to be sure that you're not putting your larger interests at risk. Make sure that you ask your lawyer about topics which shouldn't be broached, and consider also asking for verification that the direct agreements you come to are as equitable as you think.

Ask About Private Investigations

At the other end of the spectrum from amicable negotiations lies the risk of subterfuge and secret keeping. If you suspect that you're being denied information by your ex, it's important to take every possible step to verify that you have access to the full truth.

In many cases, a private investigator can assist you in revealing facts that another party may want to hide. Your lawyer will likely have a history of working with a particular investigator, and can give you hiring advice and work closely to guarantee the information gathered is used as productively as possible.

Ask About Custody Accommodations

If there are children wrapped up in your divorce case, you're likely dealing with an additional layer of complication. While their best interests have to be a paramount concern, it's also vital that you don't allow yourself to be railroaded by spurious claims about their care. Setting up firm and consistent custody arrangements will allow your children to fall into a routine and therefore adjust more easily to the situation. Even temporary arrangements should be fully spelled out in order to avoid any risk of misunderstanding or hostility.

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