• So, You Fell Asleep In Your Car — Is That A DUI?

    It's a common occurrence: somebody drank a bit too much or left a party too tired, so they decided to crash in their own vehicle before taking off. It is not unheard of for a police officer to arrest somebody who has been sleeping in their vehicle and charge them with a DUI. So, is this a valid arrest? Could you face a real DUI conviction? Here's what you should know.
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  • Social Security And Special Considerations For Older Disabled Workers

    Disability can strike at any age. While the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides benefits to disabled workers regardless of their age, the type of benefit you receive and even the amount varies depending on the route you take. To find out more about disability benefits for older workers, read on. Understanding the Term Retirement Age The SSA allows workers to begin earning retirement benefits as early as age 62 with so-called full retirement age at 66 or so depending on their year of birth.
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  • Why You Unexpectedly Lost Custody Of Your Child

    After you have gone through a divorce, you might assume that you're the one who will receive custody of your child. However, when the courts decide to instead award custody to your ex, you will want to speak with a child custody lawyer about why that is and what step you should take next. Child Custody is Complicated The parent who receives custody of their child is partially up to the discretion of the courts.
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