Successfully Applying For Mental Health Disability Benefits

Posted on: 23 July 2017

When people think of disability benefits, they often think these benefits are reserved for individuals who suffer from physical limitations. The truth of the matter is that mental disabilities can be just as limiting as physical ones.

If you are seeking assistance for a mental health condition that has made it difficult for you to work or engage in routine daily tasks, here are three things that you need to know in order to complete the application process successfully.

1. Be prepared to provide a detailed medical history.

Since it can be challenging to prove that you are legally entitled to mental health disability benefits, you should be prepared to provide the evaluation committee with a detailed medical history.

Be sure that you are as honest as possible with your medical providers when it comes to describing the things that you feel each day. If you get anxious walking down a crowded hallway or suffer from shortness of breath at the thought of meeting new people then you should outline these symptoms to your doctor in full.

Your accounting of your mental condition to your family doctor or mental health specialists can help establish a medical history that will make you eligible for mental health disability benefits in the future.

2. Follow medical recommendations.

As you work your way through the application process, you should work closely with your doctors to seek treatment for your mental health condition. You may be denied access to benefits if you are not following medical recommendations.

Be sure that you take medications as prescribed, and that you attend all appointments and/or counseling sessions set up by medical professionals on your behalf. Following medical recommendations helps to prove that your mental health condition is legitimate, and that you are entitled to financial benefits as you strive to treat the condition in an effort to return to normal daily function in the future.

3. Hire a reputable attorney.

Because the application process can be arduous as you seek disability  benefits for a mental health condition, it can be helpful to have the assistance of a qualified attorney as you complete your application.

Your attorney will be able to review the specific details of your case and help you draft an application that addresses any potential problems that could lead to a rejection. Working with an attorney who specializes in handling disability cases will increase your chances of being awarded benefits without engaging in a lengthy appeals process.

Successfully applying for mental health disability benefits can be daunting. Ensure that you are honest with your doctors, that you follow medical recommendations, and that you work with an experienced attorney to increase your odds of being awarded financial disability benefits due to a mental illness in the future.

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