3 Situations That Warrant Help From A Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Posted on: 4 January 2018

Navigating the real estate market can be difficult at times as there are so many rules and factors to take into account. Fortunately, real estate lawyers are available to make this process as stress-free as possible from a legal standpoint. They are helpful in many real estate situations. 

Purchase Agreements 

Perhaps one of the most important documents you'll sign when buying a home is the purchase agreement. It's a legally binding agreement between you and the seller. To make sure you're not taken advantage of and that the document is free of errors that could otherwise delay this process, you'll need a real estate lawyer. 

Your attorney will explain this form in great detail and cover any terms or processes that you may not be familiar with. If something is found wrong in the purchase agreement, amendments (changes) can be requested and carried out by the attorney. 

You'll also receive clarification on important matters in this agreement, such as what changes can legally be done to the property or where the border is located. 


Closing time often leaves buyers with mixed emotions. On one hand, you're almost ready to take over the new property. On the flip side, a lot of paperwork must be filled out detailing this extensive transaction. An attorney can expedite this process and point out any red flags before the sale is final. 

Your attorney will also explain all of the closing costs that you're required to pay. This way, you know exactly how much money is needed and can dispute any costs that seem unfair at the time. 

Tenant Removal

A lot of home buyers search for properties with additional attachments, so they can renovate these areas and charge tenants extra to make the mortgage payments more feasible.The problem lies when tenants already living in these attachments are not willing to pay the increased rent.

You can avoid any legal woes thanks to a real estate lawyer. They'll do their best to work out an agreement with the current tenants so that the situation ends amicably. There might be some type of financial incentive available, for example, for tenants who move out as quickly as possible. 

Purchasing real estate can be a complex process that leaves a lot of obstacles in your path. Instead of doing the wrong thing or leaving it up to chance, you can hire a residential real estate lawyer. They can take you through this entire process, from signing important documents to making sure sellers don't take advantage of you.