Was Your Teen Picked Up At School With Drugs? What To Do First

Posted on: 8 February 2018

There are times when teenagers make mistakes, and then it affects the rest of their lives. If you have a teen that was caught at school with some type of illegal substance in their backpack, you want to find a drug offense attorney as quickly as you can, to make sure that you get on top of the situation and get your teen the help that they need. You don't want this bad charge or incident to affect them for years into the future and cause great problems for their life. Talk with the attorney about these things.

Rehab Immediately

If you suspect that your teen may have a drug problem, or that they are a recreational drug user, you want to get them into rehabilitation. It may be better for their case if you can show the judge that you are already proactive to get them help now that you are aware of the problem, and that you are trying to get them clean. The lawyer may have a facility suggestion or may be able to guide you through the type of classes to get them into.

Fighting the Evidence

You want to be sure that the drugs were your teens, or that they can't get out of the charges if possible. This may be finding evidence such as:

  • No physical proof of your teen's possession
  • Evidence the drugs came from another source
  • No proof of using the drugs illegally if they are medications

If the teen has been brought in on charges, or the issue was brought to the authorities by word of mouth, and drugs were found but not in your teen's possession, you may be able to get out of the charges.

Working a Plea

Your lawyer will be able to tell you right away if you can fight, or you should make a plea. If you make a plea deal, you may be able to get your teen off the charges or get them a lesser charge, in agreement to things like community service, rehabilitation and more. You want to go with your lawyer's guidance so you can get your teen the least amount on their criminal record as possible.

Talk with the professionals about the different options that you have right when your teen is taken in, and don't have your teen make any statements to the police until you are with an attorney. You want to help your teen get clean and on the right path, without these charges following them around for years. 

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