3 Reasons To File A Character Defamation Lawsuit

Posted on: 3 February 2019

If you have been the target of an attack by either an individual or a business, then you could be wondering about how to proceed. Even though you might wish that you could encourage local law enforcement to press some type of criminal charges against these individuals, this might not be an option. However, there is one thing that you might be able to do: file a character defamation lawsuit. Working with a civil litigation lawyer to file one of these lawsuits can be a good thing for these three reasons.

1. Encourage the Defendant to Stop the Behavior

First of all, you probably want the party that is saying negative and untrue things about you to cease their behavior. In some cases, attorneys can help with this by simply sending out a document letting the other party know about the problems with their behavior and what your lawyer is planning to do if they don't cease this behavior. This might be enough to get the behavior to stop. If it's not, then your lawyer can help you take the other party to court. If you win the lawsuit or if you come to a settlement before your court date, then the other party may be forced to stop saying negative and untrue things about you.

2. Be Financially Compensated for Losses Related to the Defamation

Another reason to file a character defamation lawsuit is so that you can be financially compensated for losses related to the defamation. For example, if you lost your job or if your business has lost customers because of the defamation, then you might have lost a lot of money because of the other party's behavior. Depending on the situation, your lawyer might be able to help you be financially compensated for these financial losses. Even though this will not completely fix everything that has happened, it is sure to help you out a lot.

3. Repair Your Reputation

Now that a person or company has been saying untrue and bad things about you, you might have found that your reputation has suffered because of it. You could be wondering if it will ever be possible for you to rebuild your bad reputation after this happens to you. Filing a character defamation lawsuit and either winning the lawsuit or having it settled out of court can be a great first step to rebuilding your reputation.