When Complex Issues Call For More Divorce Support

Posted on: 5 April 2022

It's safe to say that many divorcing couples assume that they will eventually work everything out. However, the road to the final decree can be full of potholes and detours. Very few couples end up with a simple, worry-free divorce experience. When issues arise, you might want to be prepared to bring in a few experts to help move things along. Read below for more information about a few of the most-common support players during a contested and difficult divorce.


Divorce mediation has been around for a while and many couples have benefitted from it. A professional divorce mediator is not (usually) a lawyer; however, they are often very familiar with divorce laws. This type of support person focuses on helping the parties achieve compromises when they get stuck on issues like child custody, marital debt, property, and more. While judges can sometimes order couples to mediation, divorcing couples can engage a mediator before they go to court. That helps to avoid having the judge rule on disputed matters and puts divorce issues in the couple's hands.

Forensic Accountants

Money matters figure prominently in many divorces. The issue, at times, is that one party or the other fails to make full disclosure of their financial situation. You must have accurate numbers from both parties because child support and other important issues depend on things like income, business interests, assets, and more. Forensic accountants are good at digging deeper to uncover hidden assets so that the divorce process is cleaner and fairer.

Child Study Experts

In most cases, a child study is ordered to help the judge decide on custody and visitation matters. The evaluator will interview the child and both parents to determine details about the parent-child relationship. Parenting is a difficult job, and when custody is in question this can be an emotional experience. Be sure to stay in contact with your divorce lawyer during the evaluation. If you sense that the expert is swayed toward your spouse and not you, let your lawyer know. The study can be halted, and a new evaluator can be chosen.

Private Detectives

Even though fault is seldom used to determine divorce issues anymore, cheating, bad parenting, and hiding assets can still influence judges when it comes to property and custody issues. Speak to your lawyer for a referral to a trustworthy, licensed professional to carry out the surveillance.

Any of the above will add to the cost of the divorce but it could be worth the cost if the issue involves debt, property, or your children. Speak to your family law attorney today for more information.